‘Transformation’ – First Generation Loss Test

Having taken the base images and then prepared the batch process for Generation Loss, the results were very interesting.  I started with jpg losses on the colour image from Richmond Hill (Base Image 1).  Below I have shown both the Generation Loss in time-lapse and in a slide show of the individual images:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evaluation – Generation Loss Test
I am pleased with the incremental degeneration from the batch script and can see these images moving well over time.  Time lapse works much better to present these ideas, however, my tests have shown that jpg file format degenerates into grey, while webp moves into pink and blue colours.  To keep these time-lapse and images coherent, the jpg Generation Loss will be conducted on the B&W image (from the first base image), while webp Generation loss will be conducted on the colour images of Wheat in the Wind and Richmond Hill.  Aesthetically, the selection of the image and the impact of degeneration needs to be considered.

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