‘Transformation’ – Final image selection for submission

After testing Generation Loss for a few weeks and creating lots of files I am not likely to store for any period of time, I took the matt printed images to be evaluated by the class.  I was really surprised that my approach had met with broader approval, as it concerned me that the aesthetic cohesion of the images would be lost.  The submission is based on the three images, but on the written submission have included time-lapse videos with the still images for the project.

Submission 1: B&W Richmond Hill, jpg Generation Loss




Submission 2: Colour Richmond Hill, webp Generation Loss




Submission 3: Wheat in the Wind, webp Generation Loss




Criteria 2, 3, 4 & 5


3 thoughts on “‘Transformation’ – Final image selection for submission

  1. Stunning project. Very well considered, researched and executed – have really enjoyed this one and hope you have too. Three strong images to start with a treated with a great concept!


  2. Agreed, great project. I do think that there is a difference between iterative thinking when considering concepts on blog and writing blogs post iteration…..Your project comes across with detailed analysis, focus and evaluation… just a tad jealous :)…. love the pics

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