CT – Studio Portraiture – Test Shots and Submission – Group

Following on from research and test shots for individuals, the group shots were going to be far more challenging. The set composed, 2 back light gels (purple and blue), 2 studio lights with softboxes, a spot light and a hand held speed light. The class all brought coloured clothing agreed ahead of time. I wanted to use reds, blue and fuchsia within the colour palette. Complimentary colours of green and orange were also in the mix, to exemplify the same use of colour by LaChapelle. We were never going to recreate the same diversity or use of props seen in the last supper, but it was our take on a classical group image.

I continued using the 24 – 70mm f/2.8 lens, manually shots at ISO 100, f/7.1 1/200sec. Pulling the group closer to the table and the lights was a necessity as the first few shots were very dark and not well lit. The skin tone mix was also tricky as the reflected light was going to alter through the shot.

Group Shot
Despite the technical elements of the shot we did get some interesting final images using both black and white backgrounds:

I think everyone enjoyed the shoot and grateful for everyone taking part so have included some outtakes from the session:

The final image selected for submission was the shot which I felt had the right balance of exposure and correct pose.  The framing throughout the shoot was actually the most difficult aspect.  I tried to get the table in shot as much as I could, but think we ended up with a more intimate group shot.  The exposure was as I wanted but disappointed the white backdrop could not be used as the pastel colours worked, but the highlights were just too far gone.  As a follow up next term, another studio shoot with a white background would be interesting, as it was harder to shoot compared to a black background and wasn’t happy with the balance of lighting in the first half of the shoot.



It was a great shoot and delighted that despite the number of studio lights required it came together.  Wont forget this studio session everyone had fun taking part.

Criteria 1, 2, 3, 4

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